Time Travel

June 10, 2020
time travel clocks

Time travel is real, it’s just maybe not what you were thinking!!!

We have all grown up with books and films (series) that have had time travel in them.  Star Trek, Doctor Who and Interstellar to name a few.  But is Time travel a real possibility?

The Tardis
Fact not fiction, but not what we see in the movies.

We all travel in time! We travel 1 year between birthdays for example.  We, on Earth, however, are all travelling at the same speed. 1 second per second.  We all think of time as a constant.  Albert Einstein showed us that time is an illusion; it is relative – it can vary for different observers depending on their speed through space.  To Einstein, time is the fourth dimension.  Space is described as three dimensional, providing a traveler with coordinates such as length, width and height, showing a location.  Einstein showed us that time provides another coordinate, direction.  Although conventionally it only moves forward.

Einstein´s theory of special relativity says that time slows down or speeds up depending on how fast you are moving relative to something else.  For example, people on the ISS are travelling so fast when they return to Earth they would be younger than their own twin at home, as they would of aged much slower on the spacecraft.

Scott Bacular
Doctor Sam Beckett stepped into the accelerator and vanished!

Now I am not suggesting that we can use a time machine to travel hundreds of years into the past or future, we will have to continue to watch our movies for that.  But the math of time travel does affect the things we use every day.  A great example of this is GPS satellites.  Did you know a GPS relies on time travel calculations to help you get around!!

GPS satellites orbit the earth at about 8,700miles per hour.  This slows down the highly accurate GPS satellite clocks by a small fraction of a second.  However, they are also orbiting the Earth at around 12,550 miles above the surface.  This in turn speeds up the GPS satellite clocks by a slightly larger fraction of a second.  Einstein´s theory also says that mass curves the fabric of space time (we know this as gravity.  Imagine a large sheet of net and placing an object on it wrinkles and dimples where the object is).  This in turn causes the passage of time to slow down.  High up where the satellites orbit Earth, the effect of the distorted space time (gravity) is much weaker.   This causes the clocks on the GPS to run faster than clocks on the ground.  The combined result is that clocks on GPS satellites experience time at a rate slightly faster than 1 second per second.  Luckily, scientists can use math to solve this problem.

Satellites Orbiting Earth
Time travel math stops our GPS putting us in the wrong locations!

So now we see the math in place, how could it be achieved.  Well the obvious answer is we need something of tremendous mass and size to distort enough space time.  Maybe we could fly around a black hole!  In theory the time would pass far slower for us flying around the black hole than those outside of its influence.  If we emerged, we would be in the future.  Almost certainly though our craft or indeed our bodies would not survive the experience.

So going forward seems quite possible.  What about going back in time.  This would be harder.  Einstein´s theory allowed for the formation of worm holes.  The idea being that they bend the space time to create two points in time.  Now, may if you could drag one end at great speed the opposing end would be at an alternate time?  Unfortunately, though mathematically and theoretically possible no worm holes have ever been discovered and the ones Einstein purported to where for small particles of matter, not a whole human being.

So, it would seem that time travel is actually possible, albeit not as the movies have led us to believe.  For me though I think a lot of answers to the unsolved questions of space & time and the apparent speed limit of the Universe, lay in the mystery of entangled particles and how they can communicate with each other from opposite sides of the Universe at speeds faster than the speed of light!  But despite all today’s revelations, we are out of time and this will have to be a discussion for the future!

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