Stargazing and Astrophotography

What stars can I see over Tenerife?

The Canarian Island of Tenerife is not just a haven for sun lovers but a paradise for stargazing and astrophotography.

The island’s Bortle scale rating of 3 signifies rural sky conditions, offering a celestial showcase that rivals some of the darkest sites on Earth.

The low humidity and stable climate contribute to the exceptional quality of the night skies, making it an astrophotographer’s dream.

One of the 5 internationally recognised ‘Windows of the Universe’, the clear skies of Tenerife are recognised for having the perfect conditions to observe the stars.

Teide National Park is renowned for its celestial views and is home to the best stargazing tours in the world. Visitors can experience the magic of the cosmos through guided tours, where passionate experts share their knowledge and humour, making the complex universe accessible to all. With powerful telescopes, one can gaze upon distant galaxies, nebulae, and planets, each observation a thrilling encounter with the vastness of space. Prepare to be mesmerized by a celestial tour of the Milky Way. Be Wowed by the clarity and immense detail of the moon and delighted by spectacular meteor showers or shooting stars.

83 of the 88 officially recognised constellations can be seen from Teide National Park so you’ll not want to leave Tenerife without experiencing a 5-star Guided Sunset and Stargazing Safari with Night Skies Tenerife.

Join our coach from one of the hotel pick up points in South Tenerife before departing to Chio for an Authentic Canarian meal en route to Teide National Park. We then climb to Merendero de Chío in the Corona Forest to experience the beautiful Tenerife sunset above the Sea of Clouds, with a glass of Cava, before heading off to Mirador de las Narices Del Teide, at the base of Pico de Viejo for a stargazing and astrophotography experience not to be missed – all with a bit of science and humour from our expert guides.