How do we know what is what with all these names?? Last Night on our tour someone asked what is a shooting star?  Then when answered they asked so what is the difference between a comet and an asteroid? So que a great excuses to write an article on the subject!  Nearly every night we will see some shooting stars. 

The Draconids Meteor Shower October 2020! The month of October sees three meteor showers peak.  The first of these is The Draconids.  The peak of the shower is on the night of 7th October 2020.  I always feel that although we only expect around 10 meteors an hour even at the peak of this shower, it is the best one

Meteor Showers in Tenerife 2020. There has been much talk about a comet heading our way this month!  A comet designated c/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) is predicted to become bright enough to see with unaided eyes in May. If this holds true, and comets are notoriously unpredictable, the comet should be observable in binoculars during April, too. The moonless nights surrounding

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