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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer transport without the meal?
Yes, we offer this, however, you will be picked up with the main group but can just join us for a drink at the restaurant. Speak to the team for a price on this option.
Is it a Big Bus that picks us up?
Our main pick-up area is between Los Cristianos and Callao Salvaje and usually this will mean you get picked up by our 30-seater bus. On here though you will be entertained by our guide who will give you fun facts and anecdotes about the island from start to stars! Anyone outside of our normal area in the south will be picked up by our shuttle Van 8-seater minibus and again will get a guide who will give some fun facts about the island on the way up.
Do we need our own car for a self-driving option?
We advise you to have your own transport as we do go to three different locations in one evening for the meal, the sunset and stargazing. Taxi would be very expensive as it would need to wait for you at the stops. There are no buses where we go either!
Is it cold at Night on Teide?
Yes, in the Winter can be 2◦C but with the wind chill can feel like -2◦C in summer its about 15◦C to 17◦C but with coast being about 30◦C to 35◦C still feels very cold to some people. As such we have big puffer jackets available to keep out the chill and help you enjoy the night sky
What will we see in the Night Sky?
You will see a night sky full of stars like never before. We always say that we don’t want to ruin the tour for you so if asked we will usually say No Spoilers! It’s not meant to offend its just we don’t want to ruin it for you there and then and of course means that we will explain it later.
Does the Moon affect our night sky and how many stars we can see?
Obviously the moon is very bright when near full Moon and does detract from some of the fainter stars. You will still see all the constellations easily and everything we show through the telescope, as a bonus you will also see the Moon, my favourite celestial object to view through a telescope and you will be Wowed by the immense detail you can see!

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Be amazed and look in wonder at the majesty of the Night Sky and using high powered lasers and Telescopes get the closest look at our Universe on offer, all with a bit of science and humor from our expert guides.