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Night Skies Tenerife.  We offer a range of exciting and fun ways to explore our Universe from the mountains of Tenerife’s Teide National Park.


5 Years of History

How We Got Started

I would say my grandfather taking me out into his back garden in UK and sitting me down with a pair of binoculars to show me all sorts of celestial objects was the start of this company.  He had absolutely no idea what he was showing me but was enough to get me interested. 

When I grew older my passion for Greek and Egyptian mythology flowed and with obvious links to the stars, I started to research the mythology and science behind the stories and the stars.  When we moved to Tenerife in 2014, I knew how good it was here for the night skies.  The third best place in the world and not wanting to live in Chile and not able to afford Hawaii we knew we were in the right place. 

I studied Astrophysics and cosmology for 3 years with the ANU whilst first here in Tenerife and I would go up Teide most nights and eventually people were asking me if they could come.  From there I could see the potential in running some sort of a tour for showing the nigh skies that people rarely get to see from home. 

Our Founders

I (Kieran) started the company after dabbling in a few ideas of how it should be run and came up with our winning formular.

                In 2022 we took the company to the next level and formed a limited company and gained a new partner in my old friend John Dewar.  John is a compliance officer and accountant in the UK for a celebrity chef and has been a close family friend for many years.  With Johns Guidance and advice, we hope to help the company grow even further in the future.

Our First Tour

Our first tour was me in my car and a few friends that were here on holiday.  We went up with no telescope at the time and I was just able to point out with my laser some of the constellations and show the signs of the Zodiac.

                It soon became clear how much potential there was for the tour though, so I purchased my first Telescope here and brought 2 Ford Transit Vans for transport.  I took on Craig who I knew had a real passion for the stars as well and was keen to learn more.  As a bonus Craig was a keen amateur photographer and I could see that would be a big bonus for the tour.

                The idea of me doing science and Craig doing humour really seemed to work well, even to the point that we had a review once calling us the ANT and DEC of stargazing, which had us in stiches!

                We have grown since the beginning when I would even take 1 person some nights as I just love what we do.  Changes in transport laws and an ever-growing customer base, meant that we had to adapt our transport to our 30-seater bus.  We now have 6 employees of which 4 are guides or training telescope technicians. 

50,000+ Visitors

We have taken over 50,000 people to see the wonders of Tenerife’s night skies in the last five years and we hope to take many more in the years to come. 

                I love seeing people enjoy the stary skies and even more so love to hear them say WOW! When they are looking through our Telescopes!

                Don’t take my word for it how good it is check us out on TripAdvisor!

I hope to see you soon, thanks for reading, Kieran Mynott x


Kieran Mynott

Kieran Mynott

Owner, Started Company in 2017

Top two to view through the telescope.
1. Jupiter
2. Andromeda

I have always had a passion with the Stars thanks to my Grandad, who used to sit me in a deck chair in his garden as young boy and show me all sorts of celestial objects with his binoculars. He had no idea what he was looking at but it was enough to get me interested!

When I moved to Tenerife I knew how good it was for the stargazing, but I wanted to extend my scientific knowledge and to that end studied Astro Physics and Cosmology for three years with the ANU as a blurb learning course. Not to PHD level I hasten to add my maths is not good enough for that. I love talking about the stars and debating the science behind the universe secrets. I also love how, as humans, we have looked up over the small time we have been on this planet and turned the stars into more than just balls of burning gas in space. We have given them names, constellations and stories and have brought the Night Skies to life.

Craig Wagstaff

Craig Wagstaff

Team member since July 2018

Top two to view through the telescope.
1. Saturn
2. Great Globular Cluster of Hercules

I’m craig, 50, years old and, stargazing has been a hobby of mine since the age of 9.
After watching the original clash of the titan’s movie back in 1981 and seeing how Perseus, Andromeda and Pegasus were immortalised in the stars.
Why do I Love the night sky? No doubt there are many reasons, but I think interest in a clear night sky is deeply rooted in humans. On our tours, I see people of all kinds. The only common feature is that they’re enjoying the sky.
Personally, trying to work out the outlines of the constellations from the visible stars is something I love to do.

Lee McManus

Lee McManus

Team Member since 2021

Top two to view through the telescope.
1. Orion Nebula
2. Saturn

I never thought I’d be interested in stargazing until Kieran asked me to help and I’ve never looked back.  It amazes me just how much you can see when you are up the mountain and makes me feel so small and insignificant whilst looking at our galaxy.

I wanted Kieran to put the title of Skivvy on here, but he decided that the hours of training me on the scopes and about the night sky in general I deserved a better title!

John Millar

John Millar

Team member since 2021

Top two to view through the telescope.
1. Quarter Moon
2. Saturn

I’m the token Scotsman of the team, only recruited because I’m used to the cold!
My love of the night sky is largely due to Kieran. I went on the trip as a reluctant customer as my wife wanted to go with friends of hers. I went along and absolutely loved it!!
Now I get to go almost every night, meet so many interesting people, learn so much from Kieran and the rest of the team and see how every night is different. Amazing, I just love it!!

Roland Leykauf

Roland Leykauf

Team member since 2023

Top two to view through the telescope.
1. Moon
2. Beehive Cluster M44

Even as a teenager I was fascinated by the vastness and diversity of space, but I was never able to pursue this enthusiasm until I joined the NIGHT SKIES TENERIFE team. Now that I’m in my old age, the opportunity has arisen with Kieran to indulge in the third best stargazing spot in the world.
Every evening, the magnificence and immeasurable distances show me the nothingness of human existence and the self-consciousness of people in their own little worlds.
Again and again, I’m asked how can you understand it, I don’t think you can “understand” it, you can only marvel at it. Especially when you see the scientific facts as I think they should be seen, as man’s ever-renewing attempt to explain his environment.

Sonja Lowicki

Sonja Lowicki

Team member since 2024

Top two to view through the telescope.
1. Moon
2. Orion Nebula

I had an affinity for the stars and all things to do with the universe for as long as I can think. The serenity and vastness of it really puts things in perspective for me. Thanks to my autistic son this love only deepened, as the universe is one of his biggest interests and he has such an extensive knowledge that I at times even turn to him for explanations.
Before joining Kieran and his team, I worked with kids and adults as a certified child and parent counselor, and I feel my passion to work with humans rather than sitting on a computer day in day out, makes this job perfect and so much more than just a job for me. It certainly is a privilege to be able to experience nature in one of its most beautiful moments every evening, and at the same time make it accessible to other people.

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