A quick hello from us all at Night Skies Tenerife

September 18, 2020

Hoping you are all well x

Well a lot has happened since we last blogged.  The World has been in a full lock-down of some sorts and restrictions on travel are constantly changing.  I am writing this at first as a thank you to everyone who has joined us since the official lock down has ended (and of course those before).  We love what we do at Night Skies Tenerife and we can only do it if you the people keep coming!

In these tough times our business model and attitude to adapt to an ever changing global situation have enabled us to thrive since we emerged from our homes.  We have been joined by residents of Tenerife, some of whom have lived here for 25 years and have never ventured up teide at night.  But our core customer base remains the tourists on our beautiful island.  Although we are an English company with English speaking guides we have had near to no English on the island, so we adapted and have brought in a new translator and guide meaning we can now offer the Tour in Spanish, German and Dutch as well.  We hope to be able to add more languages to the list in the near future meaning that

everyone that joins us on our tours can get the most out of the amazing visual extravaganza they will see.

With almost everyone now in every country having some sort of mask regulations and us here in Tenerife basically having to wear them almost everywhere, we have even had our own range of Masks made which are available to buy for 12€. Washable and reusable masks with the prehistoric national park backdrop and the starry night skies of Tenerife. Thank you Lapsus Temporis for allowing us to use your images on our vans and masks!

Well we just wanted to let you all know we are fine and doing what we love the best here in Tenerife (Stargazing), and we are all hoping to see a return to the sorts of numbers holidaying here soon that we used to see.

We have now even offered three NEW EXCURSIONS to our catalogue.  Not only do we still have our signature STAR SAFARI, but now we offer three more categories in our Lone Star Collection.  With Lone Star you can drive in your own car and meet us either for the three course meal at our beautiful Canarian Restaurant, meet us just at the sunset and have Cava and photos before the main event or maybe you just want to experience the Night Sky with us.  Each option is priced accordingly and offers you and us the flexibility needed in these unpredictable times.  In the mean time we are all staying safe with masks throughout the tour and hand sanitizer on our buses and enjoying being able to explore the Universe once more with you all.

We hope you are able to get here soon and join us once again for a night to remember.  Maybe you already have been on a tour with us?  If so why not leave us a review on TripAdvisor (or check us out if you are thinking of booking).  https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g187479-d18276301-Reviews-Night_Skies_Tenerife-Tenerife_Canary_Islands.html


For now this is Kieran saying by to you all, unless you are a member of our new Moon Light Members Club  and have access to exclusive content and our incredible members offers then please keep reading….

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